1. Launch the Google Chrome web browser.


Assuming that you are logged in under say a personal @gmail.com account, and would like to switch to a work @rujhsd.us account.


2. Now you need to access the settings by clicking on the 3 gray bars in the upper righthand corner, then

selecting settings.

  1. Scroll down until you see the users section. (Note that you will only have one user icon not 3 as seen below)

  1. Click on the “add new user” button.

5. You will then choose an icon for the new account, as well as a name. You may or        may not want to create a

desktop icon.

  1. Then log in to the alternate google account.
    1. The first time that you add a new account it may be helpful to choose what to sync (bookmarks passwords etc.) depending on what you prefer.


  1. From now on, any device that you logon to google with will be able to switch between accounts by changing the icon in the upper left hand corner.


We hope this is a helpful tutorial. If you have any questions or would like an RHS Tiger Tech student to help you with this topic please fill out the request support form on our website to request support.


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