1. Go onto google and sign into your google account


  1. Go to www.sites.google.com


  1. Click the red CREATE button


  1. Choose one of the sample templates


  1. Name your website by typing the title into the given text box


  1. Select a theme that will act as the background of your website


  1. Type in the security code given by google

Specific Options for your Website


Step One Designing Your Website


  1. Define your target audience Your audience includes the people that you want to attract to your website. If you’re too general, then your website will lack focus. If you’re too specific, then your website will only appeal to a certain type of Viewers.


  1. Find out what your audience wants Is your audience looking for quick information? Or are they looking for a specific product or service that you provide?


  1. Decide what you want to accomplish with the site You want to make certain things happen, and you want to prevent other things from happening. Like What steps are necessary to help you to meet your goals?


  1. Figure out your content There are lots of different types of content and many have their own considerations. You’ll need to figure out what’s best for your website and your needs. Some things to consider including: Images / Links


  1. Draw a flowchart For most people, the website starts on the home page. This is the page that everybody sees when they first go to www.yourSite.com. But where do they go from there? If you spend some time thinking about how people might interact with your site, you’ll have a much easier time down the line when you are making navigation buttons and links.


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