How to Create a Google Form


With Google Forms you can create surveys for anyone to view. You can create surveys for competitions, quizzes, voting, etc. You can then share your form with anyone to take your quiz.


Here at Tiger Tech, we’ve made a step-by-step lesson on how to create one.


How to get to the forms

1) Go to (Make sure that you are logged in to Google with you prefered email).


2) Click on apps in the upper left-hand corner

3) Click “more”

4) Click “Even more from Google”

5) Once there scroll down to “Home and Office” then click on “Forms”

How to Create a Google Form

1) Choose your title and theme

2) Go through the steps it takes you through to create the google form. You can change the quiz layout (multiple choice, text, etc.), and add as many different words or answers you want. Also if you want to make the question a required question, you can check or uncheck the box

“Required question”. IMPORTANT: Make sure that you don’t “share” the Form. If you share the Form, others can edit it. So make sure to click on “Send Form” (circled) to send it.

3) You’re done! Now you can wait for responses from your audience!


We hope this is a helpful tutorial.  If you have any questions or would like an RHS Tiger Tech student to help you with this topic please fill out the request support form on our website to request support.


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