How to Setup Google Classroom


  1. Go to the Google Classroom homepage by typing in

*Remember, everything is Such as takes you to your Google Drive.


  1. Sign into Google Classroom with your RJUHSD login information. Just as you would log into your Google Drive or Gmail.


  1. On the top right side of your screen, you will see a plus sign much like the one shown below.

Click on that plus sign and select “Create Class.” Enter in the name of one of your classes in the first section. Then enter the period they’re in in the second box. Look below for an example:

4.You now have a class setup in Google Classroom. Now look at the left side of your class’ homepage for your class code. This is the code students will enter in order to join your classroom. We encourage to not use a code with j’s, L’s, i’, 1’s, o’s, or 0’s because it may seem confusing to the student.

How to Begin Using Google Classroom


  1. To hand out your first assignment, make sure you’re on the homepage of your class’ Google Classroom page.


  1. By default, you’ll see a textbox set for an “Announcement.” Announcements are used to send out messages and other media to students. To begin handing out assignments though, click on “Assignments.”
  2. Enter basic information such as a title, an optional description of the

assignment, and its due dates and time.

4. You can also select multiple class of the same subject in order to prevent handing out the same assignment multiple times.

5. At this point, you’ll most likely want to hand out a document for each and every student to edit and turn in individually. Attach a Google Document for students to fill in by clicking on the Google Drive button.

You can also attach other files, YouTube videos, and links. But we encourage to assign files accessible through Google Drive.

6. In order for each student to have their own individual copy of the assignment, select “Make a copy for each student” to the right of the screen.

7. Click on the big blue button for each student to receive their assignment through their Google Classroom account.

For additional help, feel free to contact us for additional help by visiting our website: