Collecting and distributing Chromebooks ideally should be a quick and painless process that can be done by a single teacher in just a few minutes each. The fastest way to do this may differ from class to class, but this is the way we at Tiger Tech have found is the most error free.


  • Create a copy of the list of students in your classroom, and use their alphabetical number on the role-call as their Chromebook number, this way they know which Chromebook is theirs.
  • Read out the list in order so every student knows what their number is.
  • Call out the student numbers periodically. Start with student numbers 1-10. When a few students are left, call the next batch of students and so on.
  • Collecting Chromebooks is the same process. Except the students are putting them into the cart.
  • Have a student or two to plug in the cord into all the Chromebooks.
  • Always check you have all of the Chromebooks that you had in the beginning of class before locking the cart up.


We hope this is a helpful tutorial.  If you have any questions or would like an RHS Tiger Tech student to help you with this topic please fill out the request support form on our website to request support.


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