Go to Google Drive.

Click the CREATE button.

Select Presentation in the  CREATE

Drop down menu.

Now you’ll be able to choose a theme, choose whatever you want.

Next you will be able to add your desired title to the first slide of your presentation, you will also be able to

name the presentation in the top left hand corner, this

name will appear on Google Drive.

Click the [+] button to add slides to

your presentation, the [+] button is to the left

of the undo and redo buttons on the left hand side of the screen

Using the drop down menus such as

File, Edit, and View you will be able to insert content such as images and text boxes or even edit the layout of your presentation.

You can edit text using these options. You  can change font, color, size, etc.

Use these commands to change the look

of your presentation.



Thats all the basics of creating a Google Slide presentation!