RHS Computer Science Pathway


The Roseville High School Computer Science pathway (TigerTech) currently consists of 3 courses, ECS, AP® CS Principles and Technology Innovation aimed to prepare students for a future in software and systems development. The pathway covers a wide array of topics focusing on problem solving, creativity, data and information, robotics, programming, algorithms, the internet, web development, the global and social impact of computing, IT careers and more.

Two supplemental courses are also offered AP® CS A, object oriented programming in Java and IT Essentials, computer repair and support services. AP® CS A is a dual enrollment course through the CSU, Sacramento Accelerated College Entrance program, and students will earn 3 units of college credit from Sac State.  IT Essentials articulated with Sierra college through a 2+2 agreement and students can earn 4 units from Sierra College if they enroll in a different course at Sierra College in the future.

Introductory Course | Exploring Computer Science.

Exploring Computer Science is a project based class that provides an introduction to computing, this class is designed to serve students with no computing experience while allowing opportunities for more experienced students to expand and showcase their own skills. Students engage in the content through inquiry and project based learning opportunities.  The main topics in this class focus on are Human Computer Interaction, Problem Solving and Computational Thinking, Web Development, Programming, Data, and Robotics.

Concentrator Course | IT Essentials or AP® Computer Science Principles.

AP® Computer Science Principles is an AP® computer science course and is designed to be equivalent to a first-semester introductory college computing course. Students in Computer Science Principles will explore the seven big ideas of computing: creativity, abstraction, data and information, algorithms, programming, the Internet, and global impact of technology. Students will follow the engaging UC Berkeley course, Beauty and Joy of Computing. Upon successful completion of the course, students will be prepared to take AP® Computer Science A. This is a great computer science course regardless of what their field or major the student plans to pursue in the future.

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Capstone Course | Technology Innovation

Technology Innovation students will apply the programming and computing concepts learned throughout the Computer Science Pathway (ECS, AP CSP, AP CS A and IT Essentials) to a semester long computing project. Technology Innovation is a project based course in which students propose and complete a semester long programming project (app, website, game, robot, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc.).  Students will learn and use the Agile software development process, Git version control as well as marketing and business concepts related to software development and the technology industry.  

Working in teams as well as with industry partners, student will receive continual support and feedback on their projects. Technology Innovation is primarily project based and students will be evaluated on both the progress of and the documentation of their project.  Peer and industry partner support and feedback will be required to ensure that projects progress at a reasonable pace.  

Supplemental Courses | IT Essentials and AP® Computer Science A

IT Essentials course (TigerTech) |  Students in IT Essentials learn the basics of technical support while preparing students for the COMPTIA A+ certification. These students will also work with the RJUHSD IT department to provide technical support for the students and staff of Roseville High school and the surrounding community. TigerTech students take on projects like managing and repairing the school’s fleet of chromeboooks, doing data recovery and computer repairs for customers, repairing and upgrading PC’s on campus as well as compete in CyberPatriot, a nation wide cyber security competition. Students manage the TigerTech website www.rhstigertech.com, creating and managing websites for other school organizations and local businesses. Students will also develop and deliver professional development and research, for teachers and students in the use of Google Apps for education and other software applications.

AP® Computer Science A emphasizes object-oriented programming methodology using Java, with a concentration on problem solving and algorithm development and is meant to be the equivalent of a first semester college-level course in Computer Science. The course is designed for students with no prior computing experience.  The goals of AP® Computer Science are comparable to those in the introductory sequence of courses for computer science majors offered in college and university computer science departments. It is not expected that all students who take AP® Computer Science A will major in computer science at the college or university level. The study of computer science benefits all students by providing a foundation that fosters rigor of thought and an analytical approach to solving problems; skills also sought in such areas as law and business, where clear thinking and analysis are indispensable.  AP® Computer Science A is a dual enrollment course that students earn college credits for CSC-15 from CSU, Sacramento through the Accelerated College Entrance program.

AP® and Advanced Placement® are registered trademarks of the College Board. Used with permission.